Monday, April 12, 2010

more editing then i am done

4th person in to submit for judging. :P Made it.

I know the sound needs more adjustments i will be editing it and sending an update very soon. (Tuesday probably)

Pulled all nighter.... gaaaawwwd, I tried hard to avoid it, but still I needed to do it,
i am not at that age to pull all nighter anymore.
My stomach feel funny and i don't like how i feel after all night. OTL

Sigh, what i thought looked ok now looks "not okay" at all, my brother also felt he can still take the music up a level.
We have 1 more week.

I hate the fact i didn't tween enough, my age old problem, not enough tweening,
and the construction is not solid enough.
but i am the sole animator for this film....
so i did what i thought would look OK and compromised for the amount of time i have.
Still that's no excuse for some of the roughness i see in it.

i will be editing it again making it look better before the final screening.

*is in obsessed mode*

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