Monday, March 22, 2010

changing shots

Changing that to.... This.

The first shot was ok.... but it looked so weak. One of the weakest shot in my thesis.

I want a dynamic pan for my second shot for that Icicle City (or City of Mondoment) appearance.

Now I wonder if i would make it. It's kinda sad that I only realize how many "tree painters" there are compare to structural drawers.... now i better hurry on leveling up my construction based drawing. I wish i was a natural at space and drawing of buildings, but it's not my forte, i need to train for that set of skills.

Go speed painting!

Oh, right, that other canyon bg too... it looks sooooo photoshoped... fudge.


Ben said...

i like the first one better, it feels like the movie Ran, in the beginning where its foggy, and then theres two giant castle standing in the back.

also, you could reference from King Kong where the first view of the skull island, foggy. i think if you put a very small character in there it will establish the scale for sure.

Mayshing said...

But i don't like the first one. lol~

I don't feel putting a character there will establish the scale, because overall scale does not feel the presence.

I will use the first one as back up plan, but the second one with some more modification is what i want currently.