Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Playing around with toon shader

playing around toon shading in maya today, the result turns out not that bad, just with the basic maya toon, maya shader phone E (not even mental ray yet) I can get these effects including glow, the main thing to watch out is model with the toon shader on and try to be careful about the way the model is put together to watch out for the edges, so we don't get edges we don't want highlighted.

Overall it's a fairly simple way to use it, it's not THAT hard, especially for mechs, i am not sure about humans, I don't really want to use it on organic characters anyway.

As for other people working with 3D max, all we have to do is export our files as obj and it will be fine with different programs.

I have hope for the Edepth long eps with all the robots now. XD

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