Saturday, February 13, 2010

For Fred

Where I learned animation:

Other animation related FAQs:

Advice for career path:

My take on the career is.... if you want to be a regular employee, go to Pixar, the hottest pot with the greatest talents right now.
Everyone wants to work there, but this also means more heated competition for the next directing role, and breaking through to get in will be much more difficult.

I never try to swim to the heated pond... but it doesn't mean you shouldn't, if that's what you feel passionate about, and if you just want to be an animator.

My suggestion is, prepare your skill to be high enough to work at Pixar, but don't go to Pixar, go somewhere else and create ANOTHER PIXAR, that would be the next miracle.

We can use more companies like Pixar in this industry, more than just one, and that's my goal.


fred said...

Thaaaank you very much, that was extremely informative. I think at the moment I'm going to concentrate on my 2d animation skills, doing stuff like Disney and classic cartoons, I'm currently reading a book called the animators survival kit by Richard Williams, do you have any opinion of that or have you heard of it? Then once I get good enough at that, I'll move on to 3d animation, as I'm quite handy with a computer. Oh and one last thing, are there any books or tutorials you recommend for me about animation, I'm really trying to learn as much as I can at the moment. But thanks so much anyway, Fred

Mayshing said...

Survival's Kit is the animation bible, you are on the right track.

there are others to check out:

Timing for animation:

Illusion of Life:

Mayshing said...

Links here:

Timing for animation

Illusion of Life

There are other ones, and you should study some animation history as well.