Thursday, August 20, 2009

Seeking my own illustration style...

I may have a drawing style already set, and my habits with the lines, but i can't say i have an illustration style set yet.

Previously, my goal was to stretch my patience, now i think I have achieved that, 20-30 hours plus pictures to me is no longer a problem. Anything more than that is typically not required in the illustration biz.

The next goal of study is to learn how to move people's heart for that first 1 second impression, that's really all it takes.... the first second of encounter with the piece, if the person's heart is moved, this piece is popular.

What moves people's heart? Based on DA crowd is...

1. Weightlessness- a sense of flight, that always, always gets the general audience. It's a common desire to fly for humans.

2. Warm colors- people prefer warm over cool.

3. Use blur and shine...... I think that gets the girl crowd.... but if you are drawing girls, it gets the boys too, blur and shines, always, always work.

4. Stringy details, stringy hair, feathers, patterns on clothing, yeah, that gets the girl crowd, applies to boys if you are drawing girls. It doesn't have to be details that take THAT much time, just having it in strategic places is good enough.

5. Believable texture- use in moderation helps.

6. Finished quality- a working composition and finished look works well.

That's about it, this is for character art.... for environment is... stick to the warm elements in the housing, castles, cottages are popular subjects, while cold factories need to have grand details and glows and lits.

Continue to study....

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