Monday, August 24, 2009


Played around with sculpty with my friends, fell in love with this new medium. :)
Unfortunately i can't get a very good shot on them, so i have to edit them like crazy. There are other sculptures I made I need to take pictures later. I didn't put up the Chris/Lien one because i am not where i am happy with him yet. :P

Angel is not finished... I think i will redo her, plan better and do a full body with sculpty as my clay of choice. :P I am not used to this enough to use air-dry clay. Getting serious with this medium, i might purchase better tools in order to do more detailed work.

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Squirrel said...

Wow! Very nice for just jumping into this medium, im pretty assured that I would fail miserably if I tried

Are you going to make sculptures of your characters to help with your animation? Or are you doing it to be sold at future anime expos and whatnot? Or is this just for fun?