Thursday, August 6, 2009

Guess how many drawings so far?

117 drawings. Yep. 117 for a freaken walk. OTL

A lot of software and timing issue.... first is flash won't take the whole pan, so i had to bring it into AF and render it out into jpg sequence, bring it back to flash to animate, then i have to match Jeremy's movement with the pan, a slight miss it's missed. DANG IT. How did it become so complicated? I attempted to animate in photoshop but its too slow.... photoshop may have AF timeline, but none of its convenience.

He's looking too tense now i need to change that. I want to better the pan but unfortunately doing that will make me have to go back and tweak every drawing, i am not doing it.

1 comment:

Squirrel said...

Very very nice, sounds like the programs are giving you all hell but stick through it this looks really incredible already :)