Monday, June 15, 2009

AnimeNext 09

Simple conclusion: Animation is power. XD

Edepth books sold 50% faster when my animation is on display, i can also have a reason to be more proud of my series when a good animation back me up.

California Clipper, her sis, Lossingfeathers, and another 2 of her friends crashed with me these 3 days, it was a wonderful experience. Seeing these new con-goers so excited about selling at artist alley and the con itself helps me too. :)

My panel went well, i also discovered how short 1 hour is when you are talking about animation. I will continue to do panels, and i have a chance to be the best panelist in Animenext because my presentation is stronger than most. When i make this a tradition, my panels will surely draw crowds, and i can make use of my natural teaching ability.


Fun story for me the first time panelist... 4 guys were sitting up there with staff shirts on them when i entered. They kept chatting about ppl getting drunk and crazy over at the con with listeners. I was getting nervous because they are cutting into my presentation time. Finally another staff came in next to me so i thought "this must be the staff that's supposed to help me set up." And told him I was the next panelist.

He ran to the front and told the 4 guys, they all rushed down to tell me that they were ALL staffs filling in for the previous panelist, who didn't show up. And the 4 guys scrambled in and helped me to set up my presentation. (after about 5-6 min of struggle it's working.) XD

Fun. Next time if i see staff i will steal more time for myself.

Uhohs: Now i don't think i have enough things to sell at Otakon 09, and i am leaving country in 6 days, uh ohhhhhh. O_Obbb

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Squirrel said...

Looks like you had a kickass booth at the artist's alley! Really impressive, wish I had stopped by this year. Hopefully next.

Also, incredibly psyched for otakon panel