Friday, May 8, 2009

A shot planned for my thesis film.

We had our senior thesis screening last night, the next year I will be the one having my work on the big theater screen. I am glad we get a real theater now to show our work. (computer arts people have a better theater dang it, but I am happy with our cramped one, I think it has more seats though the seats are more crappy. XD ) But matter not, we get to LOOK UP to our films, that gives us a better reason to work our ass off for our big show.

This year's turn out is great, out of the 46 films I liked 19 of them, a much better percentage than the last year. (sorry yr2007! you were great, still) the biggest surprise to me yet is seeing three students link up their thesis film and have it work as one story, told from three different character's perspective, each struggle with their own little world.

That... completely blew me away.
I don't think the next year can even pull that off right now as we all started on our work already.... You need to have 3 like-minded artists with the same thesis prof to have that happening.

Next up, my favorite has to be Alex's little light bulb story, the most cinematic of them all, closer to what I want to present. However, I am going to state competitively here, his is what I want to beat for our school, but I have someone else's thesis in my mind, "Lady Ice" the difference is... she hasn't finished hers, but I want to finish mine. So I have to think hard, and work hard to finish it.

I am going to make a suggestion to have our thesis film compiled into DVDs for the next year screening if possible.

I love SVA, as imperfect as it may be. <3

Everyone went party last night, i had to go home right after... no fun. sigh. I will make an exception next year and go out for a drink and take the morning train home.

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