Friday, May 8, 2009

Format thoughts

There was a period of time right after i finished vol 1 sketches for 2Masters, that the thought of changing format from my current right to left, to left to right was suggested.

I thought and struggled with it for a long time, this format trouble disturbed me ever since my high school age, because there's benefits in switching as well as down sides.

The down side is that i have to change the whole volume 1 into Left to Right in order to switch, and I already established a workflow for the series based on Right to left. This will make a huge delay on when I will be ready to show the work to the world...

The up side is that... in reality the Left to Right reading direction is more established through out the whole world compare to Right to Left.

Right to Left reading directions might become an ancient asian kind of thing... People can take both ways, but for less developed countries that's going to come up later, they are used to left to right due to the overall European colonization and the westernization of the world. But this is not to say people cant learn... people in US learned very well on adapting Right to Left though its not how they usually read.

For publishing and retailing wise, being Left to Right is also easier around here.... sigh.... for example, i wouldnt need to work backward on everything... wouldnt need to worry whether the printer will understand my order... etc.

However, there's more down side to my own work flow in switching, my audience will wonder why am i suddenly switching, the previous work flow has worked for me, and i have established enough cultural rights to stay Right to Left. (claiming i am an immigrant and so on)

I may miss some "comic hardcore" readers staying right to left,
meaning a slightly smaller reader group, but it cant hurt too much.
i will have to deal with a lot of publishing hassles doing right to left,
it makes me wonder why i didn't do it Left to Right in the first place. XDDD

But since i already chose the Asian way, might as well stick to it... however troublesome it maybe.

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