Tuesday, December 9, 2008

What it takes to make animation TV series

General Notes.... reference from http://www.tv.com/avatar-the-last-airbender/show/28841/summary.html

Avatar the last air bender production usually takes about $1 million and 9-10 months per episode.

The quality on the Kids Next Door is 350-400'000 per esp and 9-10 months to make as well.

The quality of adult cartoon like Venture Bros operate on 1/10 of that...

A pilot is about 20'000-25'000, 1 year of production time, about 6-11 min.

So if I want to make my series in the ideal situation... it's 20 millions down.

That's some scary amount of money....

Now I got to know the people in the industry, the cool folks who kept their child-heart, I am starting to see the products from the entertainment quite differently. Unlike a pure consumer in the past, where you get to pick and choose and say you hate this or love that.... once you are in the show biz, you get affected by the people who started the show/series and simply learn to love what they love, and look at the shows from a different way. (and also... you quickly learn the rule of not bad mouthing anyone's work, it's bad for your career)

I figured I want to live as an honest and humble artist, so.... if I shouldn't bad mouth anyone, then I will need to learn to love their work as they love them. If I can't, at least I will support them and share their enthusiasm, this perspective makes me a happy artist working under others.

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