Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Worked on my pitch book.... (The pic is WIP)

For a period of time I was quite depressed about having any sort of hope for pitching for a show. (especially after hearing what kind of list the TV broadcasters wanted....)

But after I see more stories, success stories of Avatar and Boonducks, I have some hope.
I will put my best effort I can afford now to this pitch book, hopefully someday it can get picked up, and Edepth may have a TV show.

I have hardly any time to do new art, but I have plenty of Manga art i can use from the last 4 years which is great. lol~

Er, yeah, Fall flue season got the better of me, I dry cough, had some headache, but overall I am fine after 2 days of rest. I skipped one more animation class to get things done. :P

生病了,秋季的流行感冒終於逮到我了~ XP 乾咳,頭痛...不過休息了兩天好多了.


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