Monday, November 10, 2008

Shopping for voice actors

I am getting my friend Kuang to do Angel's voice, I think she has the voice quality I am looking for even in her natural voice: (A naturally sweet, soft voice with a lot of heart and sensitivity, and the ability to act hyper, my ideal voice for Angel... she's now doing the audiction for Angel's role over the net, I may have her test out Sharon's voice.)

And thanks to her showing me her reel, now I have shopped a list of male voices I think may fit for my other characters, I am trying to look up voice actors with less experience (so it's a better match with this inexperienced and poor director) but offers a good sensibility.

1. Jeremy: (a perfect match to what I am looking for in his natural voice, not much to his other characters. I feel his performance is at times over-act, but overall fairly good self-learner who tries hard, looks like a good match for my projects, he maybe able to handle Randy's voice as well.)

2. Chris: ( Anime' Narration - Bryan Schmidt has more of the voice quality I was looking for in Chris, but that voice is not the dead on for him either... I picture him with a rougher, even deeper tone, but that can be easily adjusted with a few tests. The biggest problem however, is that this guy is already a pro...... no idea whether he would be interested in working with a newbie director, and I can't afford much to the professional rate, but I may try my luck.)

3. Randy: (this guy has the closest range to what I wanted for Randy, I think I hear a dead-on Randy's voice for a few seconds, it can be communicated, goofy voices at times, all over the place and full of energy, but he's already a pro too, so I may just use him for sample if his rates is too high.)

Future ones to find: (needed more urgently later)
Voice for Isaac, (a girl maybe?) Mosa, Rose.

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