Friday, August 15, 2008

Grandma emergency

Grandma fell down, she managed to climb her way from the deck to my dad's room and knock the door with her staff... (cuz most people are out of the house at the moment, and the rest of us are downstairs...)

Dad immediately called 911, and I accompanied her to the emergency room as a translator, right afterwards uncle came, and then my mom, and my aunt.

It seems like Grandma broke her arm on her fall, the right arm has swollen bad.

I returned home at 10 pm to prepare for work the following day.

It has been a rather eventful month...

婆婆跌倒了, 老爸叫了救護車以後我陪程去做翻譯. 可能右手有骨折, 還要看檢查. 隨後老媽, 阿姨, 舅舅都到了.
我10點左右被放回家, 因為明天一早還要工作, 我在醫院也不能做什麼.

我前幾天生病才剛好... O_o 然後就...


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