Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Some of my worries...

For Challenger:

挑戰者剛剛從傳統的紙轉型到現代的網路E-世紀的版面... 但是我由不得替他們擔心.... 網路的競爭比傳統的版面更是可怕和無情.... 雖然成本低, 但是由於成本低人人可作, 競爭更是高. 大公司到我這種小漫畫家都會做.

我這樣說可能有點過分... 但是轉型E-biz, 光靠台灣人的熱情是絕對不夠用的...
你等於是一下子把你還在成長的畫家拿來和全世界的漫畫家比.... 也許台灣的觀眾比較貼心台灣的漫畫家... 也許原來的觀眾還有忠實支持者... 但是... 一旦這場仗拿到網路上, 可不是一萬就了得, 是幾憶才了得.

E-mail和網路設計如果抵不過其他公司, 會容易失去原有的支持者熱心, 網路的battle不是紙上的battle.

更據美國的E-business 水準來看的話.... 他們需要學會發html email, 而不是普通的text email. 需要有專業的網路設計師, 把網站設計的更有吸引力, 更容易欣賞漫畫內容, 漫畫家的水準要快速成長能和外面的專業相比, 都不是很容易做的事情...

我希望林總編是看懂這點, 行情清楚才跳進來的. 目前這樣的轉型... 在我看來還是太快了.

The newly formed Taiwan magazine has recently abandoned their paper format and moved to the web. Thinking their audience will still support them.

But honestly I can't help but to worry for them a bit.... when you move from the irreplaceable paper format to the easily copied and distributed digital format of the web, you are not just competing with other paper format people in Taiwan anymore, you ARE competing with the whole wide world, and from the look of it, a lot of the artists in the publisher are still growing though they show strong potential to be successful.

Such a fast transition seems really dangerous to me. Because website is such a low cost and booming business.... from the big corporate to small guys like me can do it, then there's all the more competition.

Once you move to a site, we are not talking about 10'000 anymore, we are talking about millions and billions of hits in order to make anything.

If they don't hurry to change the e-mail format to the standard of the E-business, and change their site to have stronger interactive business, they might even lose some of the originally faithful supporters. The battle on internet is not the same as the battle in print, it's a complete different ball game. I hope the editor realized this when she decided to jump ship, and it's not just for lower cost. She will need to hire coders to write up a program that can attract thousands of people to their site, not just her blog's content. She needs a solid server to host all these people to keep the traffic and her artists popular. Their current site is good but it does not involve, and the format is not the easiest to browse through.

This transition is too fast for my taste.... I hope she planned it through, did some through marketing research and then think about jumping ship.

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