Thursday, May 29, 2008


The TP issue reminded me of a memory...

Back two years ago when I interned in China, there was an opportunity for me to get my own studio and publish my work. But they did ask for quite a bit of changes I wasn't ready to accept, including the story, I worried under suck leadership my story won't be my story anymore. Though it looked like an offer to a fast lane of success, I went back to my room crying in tears.

Now recalling it... I remember when David B. told me how he shed his tears too over a professional project disappointment, I guess I already had my share of it... though a different situation.

This is the reason why I completely separated my personal project and go into self-publishing, and doing work professionally...

I find if I can balance these two I can be a happier artist. But eventually.... I want to adopt Semco's style and go about it living on my own work.

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Kevin H.Y. Shen said...

Ahh thanks! Actually I checked out some of your comics. The lion-like big robot one. They were pretty cool. I always admire the ppl who can do comics, especially when they carry through with it... really a persistence. Keep it up!