Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Screening day

After I went to the screening today and saw my film on the big screen.... surprisingly... I don't feel bad about my film's short coming anymore.
I feel bad for a few entries that were too light to be seen on the big screen.... >_> Especially Jackie and Evan's... theirs were fading out.

There's a monster in the first year, Ben Warren. I would like to meet him someday.
Insane, he put my first year film to shame. His first year pencil animation already have Miyazaki standards. Scary.

(pic: Another study from a black and white photo.)


Vivian... said...

christine, ben warren was in our anatomy drawing class! :)

Mayshing said...

:O I was terrible at not looking around enough then. XD
Remind me how he looked like...