Friday, May 9, 2008

4 year thesis screening

Ben Li's "Alive" made me cry. It was a story about a documentary film maker losing his family, I think he will be happy to know that I shed tears for it!

Jacob didn't finished half of his film, but his entry was also just as awesome. "To the Moon"
It didn't even look like flash.

I really liked "Garden of Weeden," by Fernando Chen
A very original plot and it's very entertaining. What did he say about "not the smoothest animation there is" !?! The whole thing looks fine to me!

"The moment of Trial" had me laugh out loud, with a Catholic Priest trying not to laugh at an ugly woman in the congregation while she's doing all sorts of stupid actions, it has the best lipsync out of all the entry I have seen.

"Masque" I think it's the high frame rate flash piece on a guy wearing different facial expressions like a mask. It's a very lovely story, it leaves an impression though it doesn't do the knock out punch like some other films.

Then... the little, most colorful surprise film "Untitled" (in Chinese title.... it means: The memories of Taiwan/The clock that goes background) That one has a beautiful artistic touch with a lot of... Taiwan flavor in it. XD the film is by Kevin Shen. My reaction to that film: "Taiwan has never been so beautiful."

Bio-hazard was a good one, it will probably do well in TV series. The subject is less original compare to the films above. That's the only thing.

I liked "Shoo-fly" it has that Pink Panzer's classical style and approach.

The story of one-eyed Ophelia Jackson was interesting, the lucky sailor lost his right eye to a sea witch, later when s/he (I can't make out whether Ophelia is male or female.... I thought it's a guy, but the narrator kept saying she.) beat the sea witch, he took back other things but his right eye.... and I like the last line: "And she looked increditably bad-ass with one eye anyway."

The stop motion entries were awesome too, there were only 3 titles, but each of them quite a knock out.
I Zombie was an easier to relate title, it talked about a Zombie trying to make friends but faces the injustice from live human. lol~
I missed a good chunk of Beach Bound, but it was a bad ass Penguin getting arrested.

The Fatal Glass of Fields... I didn't get the story.... because of the english tone-singing that goes through out the show... but I liked the animation, and the set.

They were all excellent entries. :D

This year thesis made me realize even clearer than ever, if I want a strong entry.... I need an emotional story people can relate to. But that's really tough to achieve.

I may expand from my original plan of 2 mins to 3-5 mins. *despite what Eiser might say...*
I might stay around 3 mins... that seem like a good length.

Anything over 5 mins is just way too much, they either have limited animation or stay unfinished.

I have a problem coming up with a proper story that can show off all my abilities at the same time. Some subjects just Don't call for all the skills, if you don't have a story you can do whatever the hell you want with skill, but then that's usually not as memorable.

I know I want to show a journey of my growth in SVA, thus the word "journey" becomes my main theme. While experimenting with the film, and still tells a solid story that can move the audience........

I wonder whether I can achieve all of them.
It seems like most cases you need to sacrifice one over another.

I want to redo this scene in the picture. (It's kind of funny because on my final from my previous college I did the exact same scene.... it looked much rougher back then.)

Current script is: A letter to Father

Jeremy writes a letter to his Father, who will never get it, in the end when he finishes it, he tears it up and sends it into the wind.

This script has a lot of room to add to, so right now I am thinking what else can I add into the letter content to increase my chance of "showing off" animation skills such as action sequences... emotions... and so on.

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