Monday, April 28, 2008

Becoming a teacher

I didn't imagine getting into the teaching circle.

Like my classmate Jackie mentioned before: "I wrote an whole 30 pages essay to say how I don't want to be a teacher, here I am! I love teaching!"

Being a teacher wasn't something I planned for myself either, but I can see the usefulness of having such a skill... and not to mention I started it myself, artistshospital sort of trained me in that area too.

I have a teachers' meeting on May 10th, an invitation from Mrs. Liu. I will be going to see the classrooms and other teachers.

I will start as an substitute teacher first for a while, until my schedule can be steady enough to teach on the dates they need me for a whole year.

好像真的走上當老師的路線了. 其實自己從來沒想過要去當老師.
就像我同學Jackie自己形容的:"我曾經寫過30頁的報告說我為什麼不想當老師, 但是現在你看我喜歡教學喜歡的不得了!"

以前別人問過我要不要當老師我會是猛搖頭說不的人... 現在反而踏上這條路. O_o 還是自願的.
說起來.... 藝術醫院不就是這類的工作嗎? (還是自找的, 一做就好幾年了)

劉老師邀請我去他們的老師晚餐會,會有成功的老師分享他們的教法,想必對我的未來目標也會很有幫助. :) 現在先當代課, 等到我的行程穩定能配合他們的時間時就升任正式教學.

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Gingashi said...

I know you will do a great job teaching, I wish I could sit in the back of the class to see how it goes (and also pick up new lessons- heh)

best wishes on it!