Thursday, July 4, 2013

Manga studio 5 wacom tablet trouble shoot

Just in case another person met the same problem I had:
My wacom tablet pressure sensitivity was not working in Manga studio 5.

Today I bought manga studio 5 and installed it just fine, and found out my wacom tablet intuos 4 pressure sensitivity isn't picking up inside the program.
Other older programs I am using works fine like photoshop cs3, paint tool sai both still pick up the pressure sensitivity.
I tried asking the forum first, but its holiday and no one is in.
I tried going online and find older versions had similar problems.
I tried reinstalling and no improvements.

I found out how to fix my own problems after hours of research:

My tablet driver had not been updated since version 6.05.
The latest driver is now on Wacom website, 6.3.6
Once I downloaded the new driver for window 7, it's all fine:

Hope this helps another new user who met the same issue. 


Mr. Henry said...

Thanks for the heads up!

Also FINALLY solved that error from yesterday, preparing to download MS5 now! :D

Irene said...