Wednesday, December 21, 2011

My flat angle horror

Ever since I started using tumblr, this blog is lacking love,

I might only use this blog for more wordy updates in the future, or pictures that's more suited here. Tumblr tend to shrink images a bit more, but the feed makes it ideal to see all the images at once. So it turned into my style exploring, picture posting, oekakis place. :P

I also decided to make a new research blog that host all my researches and links so i don't clog this one up. This will be my primary blog for art talks, vents and stuff from now on. :P

For a period of time I suppose I was searching for my own preferred "one" style, but now I have come to a conclusion that my style should not be limited as "one" single appeal, rather it should be a range of styles and techniques i can execute. Why limit to one particular "trademark" when I can do many? It's not like my "habit" of drawing really goes away. People will see the back bone of it, I won't be able to change my "habit" as easily, *though sometimes that can be costly... like my stupid flat angle I often use...*

Example of my bad art:

I swear from now on I will... never, never, ever EVER have this happen again! OHHH this page is cramped, and the angle flat as hell. The horror.... OTL
I flipped through some mangas and found that a lot of character based, expression based mangaka like myself, *One piece, Comic Bomber and a few others* DO tend to use this type of angle, simply because we draw SO OFTEN that we stopped thinking about angles, and just think about expressions, that's not good.
With editors, they will help some mangakas to fix this issue by telling them to repanel the pages, (I saw some sketches included in OP book, those were turned down paneling page due to flatness, more exaggerated angle was picked later because it works better)  but since I am mostly on my own i better watch out for my own problems. Sigh. O.ob

Well noticing it now is better than never noticing it. sigh.
There's a few ways to save this problem.
1. interesting ink work (which i lack in book 1.)
2. apply at least 1 point perspective (not applicable in all condition.)
3. Crop effectively. If you crop it well, it works to add emotions instead.
4. Use it only on one character (that's fine because its not as noticeable)

Berserk's paneling is awesome, he always avoids the flat angle by tilting slightly up, or down, in real life, you see things mostly above, or below horizon line, that's more realistic pov. Flat is very rare, so its best to cut that down.

Even at the flattest angle he never forgets the relationship of space and distance. That's what makes that manga a part of the classic and studies to other mangakas. :P

No more flat angle, I swear. NO. (except for pin ups, and allowed condition mentioned above and CD diary which I don't care for work quality. lol)

Memo: My weakest page ruins my whole work. >.< Must never do it again. That page will urk me for a while... don't have time to redraw so i will have to leave it for now.

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Mr. Henry said...

I learned something new today! :D Also, went back to book 1, could just be that I still don't grasp the issue, but it doesn't look all that bad.