Monday, November 7, 2011

Neko con 2011

Nekocon 2011, Virginia, at Hampton Coliseum its a large and comfortable place.

Left to Right: Me, Rebecca, and our potential buyer.

This lady has been dubbed the "happiest burnt victim" by Rebecca.
One of the most unique portrait client on my list lol.

And other coool and inspiring cosplayer in the area.
I swear I saw them online before searching "steam punk" lol
It seems like a whole club of steam punk people are located here.
It's nice to witness their outfit's glory in person. *designdesigndesign ideas!*
Steam punk outfits are soooo inspiring. @w@

Going to conventions, traveling, adventure, and making money on my own brand of products to make a living. That's the life to live. X3 That's altabe (how life's oughta be lived) to me. I am a happy kitty.
Even if I have enough money I would still want to run cons. I enjoy this kind of traveling life.

Though by Sat evening i was getting cabinet fever sitting behind the table and couldn't wait to take a break. lol

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Chris said...

You look so small and happy in the picture Mayshing :P
But wow...That burn victim girl is incredible!