Wednesday, October 12, 2011

tsubasacon report

Tsubasa con center in west Virginia 

the crowd in the con at night, with the follow up of music
so loud we couldn't stay.

The MMA woman fighter I got the honor to illustrate,
I did not ask her name,
but I should have. Now I have to try to find her. XD

The restaurant we ate at, with fake Thai food.
DO NOT order thai food there in a mixed up Asian looking restaurant. XO
The sushi is okay there,  with the typical Americanized Chinese food. 

I did fairly good in this convention, the people here like books. lol~
Coming up is NYAF.

Later,  NYAF I have table B4. With modified map from Finni.

1 comment:

Chris said...

Same about the music, I wish someone would have warned you about that :/.
Hopefully you'll run into Shilin at NYAF! :P