Tuesday, October 18, 2011

NYAF con comic

this is the sunday crowd.... Sunday... was CRAZY!
The craziest Sunday I have had so far!

Our NYAF 11 mis-adventure ha ha.
I vote NYAF to be the best AA experience I have had so far. The SPACE!
When it hasn't open... that is...
(left to right) Me, Dave, Becca. :D

E-Depth sold out so i have a good reason to print more now.
Portrait business was crazy, people in NYC likes portraits more than any other places? Or it's just the size of the crowd...? Anyhow I was doing around 20-30 portraits a day in this con. I developed a way to use my arm muscles so it can handle the workload and not get stressed out like my first day. So I survived. XD

After this one we have one more Neko con and that's about it. My con season ends. :) We prepare for next year and I can focus on production.

All the fun and adventure~ 

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