Monday, September 12, 2011

estimation of Japanese anime game cost break downs

Event line art

8,000 ~ 15,000 yen or 50,000 ~ 80,000 yen per image
Event art refers to art that takes up the entire screen and is used to represent a certain scene. The cost on the left is for a normal artist, and the cost on the right is the cost when a popular artist is used.

Event CG colouring

10,000 ~ 30,000 yen per image
The price changes according to if the background has to be coloured, and also according to the colouring style used (such as anime style colouring), and if the shadows are already designated in the line art.

Bust shot line art

3,000 ~ 10,000 yen each
These are the images used to represent the characters in the normal parts of the game. Variations in the character expressions doesn’t change the cost, but different clothes and poses will count as different images.

Bust shot CG colouring

approximately 1/2 ~ 1/3 of the cost of colouring the Event CG
The colouring style will be done in the same style as the Event CG, so the cost of colouring the Event CG will directly affect the cost of the Bust shot colouring.

Bust shot backgrounds

15,000 ~ 50,000 yen each
These are the backgrounds used to depict where the characters are.
All sorts of backgrounds from TV anime level to movie level of art.


1,000 yen for every 1kb
The story. Basically 1 yen for every 1 byte of the scenario. Outline and background settings do not count.


150,000 ~ 2,500,000 yen
The computer program that’s needed to run everything on the PC.This is the cost for ADV games, the price can get higher if it’s stuff like Action games or Mahjong.


150,000 ~ 300,000 yen per 1MB
Scripting refers to the scripting that’s done to present all the relevant materials (art, backgrounds, bgm, etc) in order as the scenario progresses. The 1MB refers to the size of the scenario.


10,000 ~ 50,000 yen each
Most of them have been 25,000 yen or below recently.


100,000 ~ 1,000,000 yen each
Stuff like the theme song, insert song, ending song, image song etc. Using a famous singer can cost a ton.

Sound effects

1,000 ~ 5,000 yen each
It’s pretty tough for the sound effects guys because when they sell a sound effect to a company it tends to get used across all their games.


100,000 ~ 10,000,000 yen
The more sophisticated the movie, the more it costs. It can cost a fortune if there’s anime or stuff like that.


1,000,000 yen and above
For comparison, a 30 minute TV anime costs about 8,000,000 ~ 15,000,000 yen


This refers to small graphics such as items and stuff. It’s usually done within the company itself, but if it’s outsourced, it’ll cost several thousand yen each.


It’s hard to give a range for this because the costs are completely different depending on the person that is used.


100,000 ~ 200,000 yen
Basically the graphics and design for the GUI. This is also usually done in-house, but this is the average cost to do it if they outsource.


5,000 ~ 10,000 yen per day
It’s usually done in-house with everybody doing it together, but they get part-time staff when there isn’t enough manpower.
Other fees that may occur:
Direction fees 100,000 ~ 300,000 yen per month
CG managing fees 100,000 ~ 300,000 yen per month
Project fee 300,000 yen and below

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