Thursday, August 11, 2011

Types of leaderships

I made two polls for the type of leadership that people may prefer, or the type of leadership flaws that drive people nuts.

Leadership style you prefer:

Leadership flaw that drives you nuts:

I listed all the types of Leaders I know and came across. (of course my polls might not be worded the best so the poll has certain level of bias, it's a good reference to me nevertheless. )
You are welcome to add/comment to my points so I may learn as well.

Usually, most leaders have several types of these personalities... one type is more dominant than others.


Truthful Leaders: Leaders who tell the truth like it is, no sugar coating, no lies, you can count on them to tell you what they think whether you like it or not.

Pros: You don't ever have to guess about this leader, clear on directions, determined, no bull shit, get things done. You can feel very motivated to do well under them.

Cons: When you get on the leader's bad side, you have it coming at you. They will not shelter you or hide any of your flaws for you, they tell it as it is when others asked.


Encouraging Leaders: They focus on making the team stay motivated, happy, when they criticize they word it nicely and stay on positive side. "What you did is good. Can you just add a bit more of this?"

Pros: You will often feel valued, happy, you will improve when the leader's standard is high, and structure is tight. Team atmosphere will stay harmonious.

Cons: If the leader focus too much on making people stay happy,  they might choose to let bad results through, or cover up for weak team mates they should fire, and hurt the whole project and eventually the whole team. In the cruel market, it's a deadly issue because the company can close down! This type of leader also doesn't like to deal with conflict and tend to avoid it, or let it drag on until it turns into a huge drama.


Mastery Leaders: Very strict leaders, they are not there to pat you on the back, they train you military style, meet the standard and you are in, if you can't make it you are out.

Pros: This type of leader usually really really know their stuff, they are experienced, skilled, and strict. They will make sure the project/team delivers the highest quality of standards. You will become an elite under their watch.

Cons: They are usually never satisfied, it's hard to please them, you tend to know what you did wrong, not what you did right. You can be doing endless revisions, or same tasks, practices until they think you get it.


Friendly Leaders: Letting people have a lot of room, loose on time line, loose on specifics, giving you all of the freedom to deal with your project. They trust you to complete on time and on your own.

Pros: If the team members are highly experienced, this kind of hands off leader can be great, they shield you from all the worries, provide for you, take care of your needs. You are mostly approved of anything you want to do.

Cons: Lack of direction, lacking of structure, people can lack respect to this type of leader. Most often they have a hidden standard, when the result isn't what they wanted, they will be upset, and you can feel like you wasted your time. Sometimes when drama happens, this type of leader would be ineffective.


My own preference: I prefer Encouraging and Friendly leaders, over Truthful and Mastery at times. I chose a Friendly leader for my thesis film, but I adore Truthful Leaders.
Mastery leaders I appreciate but rather not work under.

Now I reflect upon this, my own style of leading is actually more "Encourage" type, I rather be more truthful sometimes it can help, but I lack the guts to be so honest at all times.
The way I deal with my leadership style weakness is recruiting other types of leaders and work with them. They cover for my weakness.


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Chris said...

I think I like the Encouraging leader myself too. But they all have good and bad things about them :)