Monday, August 1, 2011

Otakon report with photos =D

Left Maria, right, me in my hanfu. :) We share table this year. 
Greg, Son and me at my table. We did workshop together this year
I was treated to sushi by my friends in MD. And no i didn't eat them all.
My friends from SVA making their workshop: making your anime at home 2
I was thinking not to return to otakon again because it's getting expensive to go, but I think I made enough to desire to go back next year if I can. :) Not super like shilin and a couple of others did, whose booth was surrounded by people. lol~
Glad to meet up with my old friends from SVA again, its almost like class reunion!
And I got to talk to Dirk from again and this time he got a book from me. :D He mentioned he had record sales. ha ha

The workshop... eh, my PC froze right before presentation (kicks Gateway) so we switched to Greg's computer in emergency.... delayed for about 5 minutes but was able to go through it. (I totally struggled with my section..... But we were able to show things...) Greg and son saved the workshop with the smooth, and great sound presentation. We had full house again which I didn't expect on Friday afternoon.
We didn't film it this time either, sorry. We just don't have enough friends helping out to film, I wouldn't want you to see me struggle anyway.

I will be going to more conventions with Lossingfeathers and her bf after this one, hopefully sell more books and do it for fun.
OH yea, check this guy out... he's now my funniest portrait guy to date.

Some comics coming up on next post. 

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Chris said...

I'm glad you had a good experience this year :).
I'm surprised you know Shilin Huang! She's awesome, and a VERY hard worker. Just like you guys :).