Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Manga VS comics

Japan publishing sales: $22 Billion
US publishing sales: $23.34 Billion
Japan manga sales: $5.2 billion (= 23.6% of total JP publishing sales)
US comics sales*: $0.54 billion / $540 million (= 2.3% of US publishing market)
(*includes only US comics and graphics novels, not manga)
Sales of digital manga in Japan: $753 million
Sales of digital comics in US: $8 million
NOTE: These sales figures were provided by JManga.

From About.com

Dang, if those figures are real.... USA comic market needs help. O_o

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Chris said...

Wow...Just goes to show where people's interests lie huh? :P

It makes sense in MY case though. I follow a lot of manga, but I only buy one comic. Which is Uncanny X-Force by Marvel :).