Tuesday, July 5, 2011

CD diary updates, Remaining mails sent

Heart's story upto page 28: http://mayshing.com/CDstudio/Heart/Heart.php

New category on CD diary emerges, that's "Locked specials." - Locked specials are ALL the stories I want to show you but can't quite show you, so I just list them as "Locked specials"
and make that a reserve for those who REALLY want to see it. (for $1) Check the page to see how to unlock it. lol Yes that's why I drew CD informant.

No Need for Dad: http://mayshing.com/CDstudio/Jeremy-NoNeed4Dad/index.php

Call that a late Father's day special? (actually it's done in 2006 so its super late.) XD
This is the first "Locked CD Diary file" because of the spoiler content to the major series sooooo, it's a donation item, but there's 3 free pages for teaser. lol

Two mails to Canada has been sent, and one to AK.

All the orders should be fulfilled. :)

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