Tuesday, May 10, 2011

At SVA 2011 thesis screening

Spotted my own drawing all blown up as part of the SVA thesis screening advertisement. Horray. Jeremy's an aluminum light in SVA theater. XD (My legend lives for one more year?)

What sucks is that I did not have my camera so I only have this crappy photo to show as proof and memory. :/ Awwww...

There were several films I like this year, 3 of which I think should try for student academy award:

Redress by Chris Ortiz - a story of father and son's revenge and death

11 minutes of pure cinema, he's one of the few 2D animators who pulled it off, timing was good, lip sync was detailed, the overall sound worked, including 3 layer shading on some shots and solid layouts. (nearly killed himself and others doing it. XD Good job.)
The story is heavy stuff right after all the laughter but it was strong, and powerful enough to help me adjust to it, Chris' done it. Horray~ :D

(Note: Chris Ortiz also formed a studio identity, Howdy Studio with a few others, altabe studio might network with them in the future for any larger projects.)

The Man who once owned an eternal garden - by Celste Lai - a man keeps trying to make his plastic garden look perfect chasing after the ever changing seasons.

the message, story, and stop motion filming is unique, and unforgettable, I think this person really would be able to win it if entered.(just because most voters in academy are older and I am guessing they will like this subject better...)

Egyptian Holiday by Spencer Katz- It's like a paraody of old west adventure film.
GREAT film techniques, great use of the camera and stop motion action.


Other great films...

Blenderstein by Zach Bellissimo- Grimm fairytale type story, a family of weirdos kidnapping delivery workers for good hearted fun.
Great style and overall TV quality film making. Should pitch the show to Fred using the thesis.

Destiny is for the birds by Michael Ruocco- If your best pal, the Duck wants to fly, you have to go with it.
If he finishes it, (it was 80% finished) I felt the classic feature film influence is strong in this piece, overall storytelling and animation are very tight. Great stuff, I could really care about the characters but I felt I have seen this plot before, other than that it's one of the best films this year.

Other notable mention is Balancing Act by Chris Niosi, i like the timing/action of the piece, quite anime/avatar influenced, but he has developed his own style.
Nigiri by Judy Lee, and Yours Truly by Jisu Kim are both artistically beautiful.

Story wise I really enjoyed:

A.D.D, the poor kid was turned into a zombie.
Potty Monsters, a girl's adventure to try to go to potty at night
Flow, a heart trying to find its place in life.

Waiting for Mommy, a girl waits for her mom who never returns, and starves to death, its just extremely sad, it brought some tears to me.

642, great style, story well told, it feels like a motion story book. 
Summer Soho. A girl's take on purse robbery, with a refreshing ending. XD

Acting wise I enjoyed:

Bored, a boy causes madness in his room singing a song of boredom.

sprinkle me with love, she can't get a guy to love her, but he still sprinkles her with love?
Animation wise, I liked Treasure of the golden skull, fun shots and action/style.

Great films everyone. :)

If I find links and youtubes i will link it here.

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