Monday, May 23, 2011

3D for 2D using 3D max

This person gave me a tip on how to generate his results from 3D max:

"In my case it is VrayToon/MentalRay contours for lineart; Cell Shaders, hand painted textures for 2d look; and overpaint for 2d effect enhancement (;"

  1. Choose Customize > Preferences. Go to the mental ray panel, and turn on Enable Mental Ray Extensions.
  2. On the Render toolbar, click Render Scene.
    If the active renderer is not already the mental ray renderer, go to the Common panel, and on the Assign Renderer rollout, click the “...” button for the Production renderer. A Choose Renderer dialog is displayed. Highlight “mental ray Renderer” in the list, and then click OK.
    Leave the Render Scene dialog open, or minimize it.
  3. Open the Material Editor. For the materials of objects you want to render with contours, use the mental ray Connection rollout to assign a shader to the Contour component.
    Another technique would be to use the mental ray material, and assign shaders to both the Surface and Contour components.
    Tip: The Simple contour shader renders uniform lines whose color and width you can control. The other contour shaders provide variant contour styles with more direct user controls.
  4. On the Render Scene dialog, go to the Renderer panel. On the Camera Effects rollout, turn on Enable in the Contours group.
    To simply add contour lines to a rendering, leave the shaders in the Camera Effects rollout set to their defaults. For other options, see Camera Effects Rollout (mental ray Renderer).

Note for maya user, for maya render post:

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