Tuesday, March 1, 2011

drawing style meme

1.筆名 (pen name?)

2.你從開始學畫畫到現在有多久時間了? (how long have you been drawing)
* been drawing since i could pick up a pencil.

3.你的畫畫風格? (your drawing style?)
✽ 應該是幽遊+宮崎駿+很多不同作品遊戲偷來的...和一點美式的感覺吧?
* my drawing style is probably... Yu Yu Hakusho + Miyazaki + many TV games + some american cartoon styles...

4.你喜歡的風格? (Your favorite style?)
✽比較偏自然風或熱血風的日式動畫,韓國MMO電玩設計, 和有構思的圖
*More naturalistic/old classic Japanese anime, and Korean MMO concept art, and good concept art in general.

5.你擅長畫的? (What do you draw best?)
✽我自己的人物? (畫太多遍了)
* my characters?

6.你不擅長畫的? (What don't you draw well?)

* building designs

7.你畫一張圖通常要多少時間? (How long do you spend per pic?)
✽有不同~全彩漫畫大概1-4小時一頁,鉛筆20-40分鐘,上線20-40分鐘, 上色可以從一小時耗到6小時. 做3D模型的話就更久一點. 有時候畫複雜的圖會畫上20-30小時
* It varies. Colored manga like Edepth takes 4 hours per page, pencil manga is average 20-40 mins per page. Inking 20-40 mins depends on complexity. But at highest quality, each page takes about 6-8 hours. Occasionally, a page would torture me for nearly 20 hours due to its illustration aspect.

8.你畫畫時有甚麼怪癖嗎? (do u have weird habits when you draw?)
✽不跟你講~ =D
*I am not telling you~ =D

9.畫畫使用的工具是? (your tool of choice?)
✽繪圖板、電腦, 鉛筆, 毛筆,代真筆,沾水筆,水彩
*Tablet, computer, pencils, brush, pens, watercolor.

10.上色使用的工具是? (what do you use to color?)
✽PAINTER+PHOTOSHOP+色鉛筆, 色筆, 水彩(看情況)
*PAINTER+PHOTOSHOP+ color pencil, marker, watercolor (depends)

11.你喜歡以甚麼顏色為主? (what kind of color theme is your favorite?)
✽Rainbow. (彩虹)

12.最喜歡的同人畫師是? (your favorite doujinshi artists)
✽鴨子.陽~ 笑~ 還有其他畫的很認真,故事可以打動我的人
* Tikal Yang, and others who draw with hearts, whose story can move me.

13.最喜歡的漫畫家是? (Your favorite mangaka?)
Eiichiro Oda (尾田榮一郎)

14.你有夢想過你能當上漫畫家嗎? (Did you ever dream of being a mangaka?)
✽有~ (yes.)

15.對於畫畫的熱中程度?(滿分100) (your devotion to drawing? Perfect score is 100)

*(I will still draw and make stories even if i went blind or break my arm)

16.最後,點10個你的同胞吧~ (tag 10 people)
* 想要做得自取~
* take it if you want to do it. XD

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