Saturday, February 5, 2011

Rough tests

A test of a scene for Shenshu, the clip came to me during summer vacation, and won't leave my head until i get it out somewhere. O_o  I think i am getting the timing down now.
I just felt like doing something not on my to do list when i am tired. (still cleaning my pages for printing. An incredibly boring task) 

I animated another more cartoony style thing today too but need to clean it up before i dare to show it anywhere online. lol~


Tala said...

I think it's cool! I love the pan shot.

To help with the timing, I think if you have her turn a little earlier, then it'd look fantastic. Have it so that the pan comes in on her turn. :) It's really just a few frames of a difference.

Christine Y. Chong said...

thanks i will try that.
As for the pan i have another sequence I need to worry about so I will leave it like that for now.

Christine Y. Chong said...

second thought, i think i can adjust the pan just slightly and it will work better like you said, it's not a lot, probably just a very small curve.