Friday, February 11, 2011

New fund raising strategy for animation

None's head modeled by Joseph sung 2011.

At this stage of Edepth reputation its going to be hard to raise 10k in one shot. (though we actually need more than that... but just 10k is going to be a challenge)

But the production can't wait we have to move on. If we wait past the summer it's going to be 1 year extension to the animation production because of all the free help we are likely to miss from the students. Serious issue. Serious serious issue.
The longer it drags, the less people have the time, power, and patience for the project the less chance the project will succeed.

I think a more effective way is for me to break up the production fund raising and only raise for the amount we need at that stage.

Right now the 3D is going but it will help if I can raise 2000 USD for the modelers, 1k for each person, to have the money to work on the model for 1 month each and survive.
I'm going by how much we need to survive and do this, not how much we actually deserve for the skill for the time being. (lets dream.)

Next stage is to raise 3000 -4000 for the final animatic, 1000-1.5k  for the sound, another 2k-3k for the artists. (who have nearly 300 scenes to finish, it will take two full months at least when we are not full time.)

For the sponsors for each stage, we will reward them with giving them a part of the production official files/art work after we register it with the copyright office. Hopefully that's a good incentive to give.


Triscet said...

I think you should take a business plan and present it with the current status of the project to a few business minded individuals. Start up a business group to be in charge so you can delegate work and keep things rolling. We'll talk more when you drop by =)

Greg Lim
Audio Director

Christine Y. Chong said...

we have a plan, sorta, but its a completely commercial plan. I will show you some stuff when we meet up.

Triscet said...

I mean a more investor and internal related plan. You can combine it and make a section for it with your commercial plan or keep it seperate depending on the nature of secrecy.

Christine Y. Chong said...

i don't know which investor wants to risk it with an entirely new group of newbies who hardly have any industry fame....
Long shot. But we can try.
I will show you what we have, Wanda did a business plan and budget break down for us.

Wanda Rocket said...


之前那部Waltz With Bashir製作時似乎就是一部份一部分的尋找預算和資源幫助!直到慢慢拍完!!

Ben said...

or you could make a short trailer with all the good stuff then pitch it to a network. instead of 20 minutes. even big studios dont do that off the bat.

Christine Y. Chong said...

To ben: At this point we will see. i would like to keep my pilot in case there's no bite. I prefer licensing as well compare to work for hire. That's why i am making it myself. We will try getting more investors when we get a decent amount done. :)