Saturday, February 19, 2011

A contest with a touch of hentai personality

Weicomic manga contest in Taiwan has finally ended.
First one is announced in Japanese.... even though the audience is supposed to be Taiwanese, lol~
The winner vid is also full of personality... it's no wonder, the mangaka, Wei Zong Chen  is Taiwan's most recognized Hentai mangaka who got famous for turning two presidents into manga characters in asian super hero style, plus the hinted BL material in it. It was done so well the doujinshi sold 5000 copies in 1-2 days.

As someone who grew up there, where every artists play low profile, I do somewhat admire this hentai mangaka, who is willing to use all sorts of methods to just get attention to Taiwan mangas, playing all the wild cards. Not only for himself, but also for everyone else. Turning himself from a regular hopeful artist into a publisher, and entrepreneur, weird personality, but a great heart. :)

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