Sunday, February 20, 2011

Anime: seon base updates

Finally. I almost had to do a stern talking to Iron. One year after the commission date... something to show for it. He had to deal with his shit life (excuse my language)... but the production needs to keep moving. 

Yes I needed to play bad with him on the deadline, I feel bad doing it, please don't ever make me do it again.

I had to play "angry producer" other wise we will be in trouble with our production progress.
Truth is, I would not have blamed him or let it hurt our friendship over it.
I know when someone can't make it happen due to life's crisis, and I understand. 

But Iron pull through, I hope to see a follow up by March 1st. Looks like we don't have to find another 3D modeler after all. And I will need to learn 3D max well enough to work these models.

A news letter with all the screen shots provided will be sent soon.

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