Saturday, January 22, 2011

I don't like handling my old work :P

Edepth in spanish~ w00t just 8 pages for now.
Edepth now has begun to have 3 languages~ <3 Thanks so much for Roxie for organizing the scanlation, Elysse for cleaning, and the various translators. (still need to put up Malay)
And Adam is working on an app too with Edepth pages. :)

To prepare Edepth for printing, and perhaps a magazine deal in Taiwan, i have to rescan some pages in chapter 1... edit my graphic to fit to a different format. (B5 instead of letter size)

I really don't like the feeling of looking at my old work and can't do much to improve it the way it is.
 Oh God, the cramp panels and its wordiness, omg... i can so tell i did not want to continue at certain pages....


Now i have to endure all my immaturity living with my work,
oh gosh, how did i end up working on an experimental series for this long?
OMG I can't do this anymore today!

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