Thursday, January 27, 2011

9 days to go on fundraising

9 days and  GOAL!!!  but we have some time left for more orders on kickstarter.

Using kickstarter like this can potentially shorten my life-span because of all the emotions it makes me feel. Gosh.

But I'm glad we reached goal already with more time left for fund-raising, hopefully everyone stick to the ride until the end! :D
I feel really fortunate when people who sponsor and help out the project are more excited than I am. (PS: I am relieved it made it!)

Now i can do a CD celebrate dance lol~
We will be running the fund-raising for other books as well and eventually, to the biggest goal, fundraiser for the anime!

Running this fund-raising made me realize my fan base really needs to be bigger for the anime fund raising... other wise we will have trouble reaching 10,000 goal. So we will delay the anime fund raising a bit and just focus on expanding the fan base.

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