Friday, December 31, 2010

Year end already huh

Ah poooo.... my animatic is not done like I hoped...... I don't like the fact i got so sick from seasonal flu. -__-b It totally put me out of business for a week. This year end is a whole lot of things I don't like.
Still recovering but I'm a lot better today.
And lately Complex has been helping me restore my site, due to our server getting hacked, all of the php application that uses MySQL went down with error. Good thing my comic pages aren't using MySQL.... if I was using Wordpress all my comics would be gone. 
2010 Year end events I hate:
1. getting sick
2. Site got hacked, all my forum, oekakis board, manga folder went down
3. My student loan payment flew to no where (glad now it's resolved)
4. More art thief dealing 
5. period came when i am sick
6. My left hand got tortured by a random stranger visiting our house. (he just grabbed it and start pressing on it saying he's massaging for me)

During my sickness:
I took the time to work more on the story for Edepth's... extended version. lol

Actually the extended version is probably enough to run it 3-5 more years until the anime finish.
I decided to use the opportunity to brush up on my mech, spaceship designing skill, not really aiming to be original, but more.... parody design approach. Just for the sake of learning.

I want to try something like Macross next but Macross style with spaceship transformation is just intimidating.

2010, i think it sums up as a year of regrets and great team work learning for me, there's a lot to be learned. I haven't really done serious job search (looking here and trying there) but already lost a lot of jobs opportunities either due to timing issues or money or negotiation issues. I'm also quite buried into my own work to be willing to give up too much of my time for another job. I guess this is one aspect of me that's not going to change, after all I sacrificed my memory of graduation of my favorite school for a chance at a pitch for my voice actor. (which didn't land anything but we tried)

The most wonderful thing about 2010 is I get to experience those who are my real teammates, supporting my vision and really willing to go all out for me, some went as far as investing not just time but also money. It really humbles me to have great teammates to support my work. I can't thank them enough for helping me.

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