Thursday, November 4, 2010

my schedule for the production

9 minutes animatic - super rough version released in public

Indy production= usually means it takes forever because of people working on it at their spare time.

I have back up plan but I really plan to stick to this schedule:

1. Rough animatic, and pitch video done by the end of 2010.

2. Pitch video released before 2011 Feb, or after Valentine
(because I don't want to compete with Valentine projects)

3. 3D, final animatic, voices, done, finalize by May-June 2011.

4. Start animation production by 2011 summer- when all students are free from school
That's when we can get help for low budget or free.

5. Finish 10 minutes by 2011 year end if possible, if not, extend a few months to 2012.

6. Finish another 10 minutes by 2012 year end,  or before 2013 ends.

7. Finish DVD and output, next is the marketing/retail phase of our operation.

8. Run to as many cons, club, shows as possible and market this DVD with the books together, with other kinds of merchandise (buttons pins, T-shirt, prints) and ask friends to help sell and give them part of the profit.

9. Create sub for the work online, and DVD... probably ask Fan subs group to help on this.
10. Release torrent file for further marketing reach.

Final production should be out no later than 2013 or 2014 new year, ideally, it should be out by 2012 year end... But my film might be 30 minutes EXACTLY so... it's not 20 minutes anymore. @@bbb (might as well make it 40 make it a feature ha ha ha- no, i'm joking... OTL)

I will see how i can cut my film up later for marketing, but it end up being far longer than 20 minutes now that I went into the animatic.
(And i thought 40 pages of comic should equal to 20 minutes... boy was I dead wrong.)

This is really loose enough, if I can't stick to this, Edepth webcomic will run out of content and the the promotion can be a problem. Edepth comic, at my current update rate, can only last 2 years. I will try to make additional content to keep it alive but it's not that big of a story. (Compare to 2M its really small)

And if someone is getting too slow, slower than my super loose deadlines, even if they have the best excuse, I will have to kick them out of the project in order to get this done, it will pain me to do that, (they will be included in credits for the work they do if it ends up being used, even if its partial.)  I need to get the production done. They will always be welcomed back to the project once they are available again if there are other things they can do to help. (Bad record on failed delivery, or late delivery without communication will no longer be tolerated. If there are repeat offense the person's off the project. -_-b I had enough.)