Thursday, October 7, 2010

So close yet so far...

budget by =mayshing on deviantART

*after a look at the budget proposal rough draft by Wanda*

Roxanne: so that's like 67K a year for 3 years to reach budget amounts
so if we double the time, we need to at least try raising 33K

me: yep. @@
Roxanne: per year*
well i said 34K because that is far easier to obtain off a small group of people to donate instead of 60K if we don't get high enough sponsors
so if we can get 15 people to donate 2K of their yearly salary
at this point it's about, who really is committed to see this through and financially committed, instead of just reaping payment for work
 Sent at 1:59 PM on Thursday

me: nods
true true
15 people for 2K
that sounds like a plausible goal
the production people are going to donate their time
investors donate their money
it depends on the person how much they want to invest
only a few would do both
if we can find 15 people... O.o

Roxanne: even small payments per month works
cause that builds money

so if all 15 people donate 170 dollars per month, we'll reach about 30K in 12 months

me: ooooo O_o
that just might work..... O_o

Roxanne: o.o yep
if there are more people, they can donate less money per month
it's all a trade off

me: O_o nod
Roxanne: o.o you've never thought of this?
me: nope

Roxanne: .. well it's under the basic rules of saving money

me: i have thought of the monthly idea

Roxanne: lol

me: but never thought to use the proposal to link it up for fund rising. O_o

Roxanne: o.o oh
me: i will send another news letter on that i guess
170 is easy to save for someone who has a job
Roxanne: yep yep

me: then in 1-2 years we can launch full production
then that's all i have to do until its finished. O-o

Roxanne: gotta start small and somewhere yep yep
and w/e we finish in 1 year can still be promo work for more fundraising
or clips*

me: yeah. O-o
holy i feel inspired. XD

Roxanne: didn't the 5 centimers per second guy start really small too?

me: yeah
any suggestions on how to tie this in with the kickstarter? :O

Roxanne: uh o.o thats' a bit different
me: yeah that one is random

Roxanne: cause kickstarter charges automatically once the goal is reached
it's hard to say someone shoudl pay up 2K upfront

me: its unlikely to go over 1 k

Roxanne: but to say hey can you donate 200 per month for a year and we'll be able to start
me: yeah

Roxanne: i can only imagine this idea working as word by mouth
me: that sounds so hopeful. XD
Roxanne: and lots of trust
me: yeah
Roxanne: yep it's not like we're gonna spend the money saved up, since it is like a savings

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