Thursday, October 14, 2010

Pitch animation in progress

I had not have this much fun animating, the awesome voice from Brian Tubbs just makes my day.
(voice actor + air force + dad = awesome)

I still can't believe he's working for me and helping me out on this. XD  What joy, the description of other directors who said "He just come in the studio and nailed it in one take" is true with this voice actor.

Toonboom is pretty easy to learn but just very limited on online resource because it's such a niche program. Because it's really designed for all kinds of animators, stuff's everywhere, still better organized than Maya in my book. lol
Animating in this program reminds me of first and second year at SVA. It has very old school terminology and layout adapted for older animators and flash animator. Great line art, for the first time my line art look like something I would draw on paper. The Rotary Table is very good, how I can just hot key and turn it is a two thumbs up.

Interface control though.... After Effects and Flash still has some up sides... I was annoyed that I couldn't shrink my timeline all the way to how they have it in AE. And I have issues with the sound layout, I have to move all of them separately in the sound menu if i need to re-align them, it's very annoying. 

I shall try to finish this 2 minutes clip within this two months.

This clip will be the first clip to show how the voice will merge with the character Randy. 

Sadly, E-Depth's production has been held off for almost 2 years already; started 2009 Feb; because of voice delivery quality problems and 3D, and my busy schedule, I hope we will raise enough money by Jan, Feb of 2011 so I don't have to look for work else where and just do this. In a sense, I am asking the audience to "hire" me so i can work on my dream project for them. lol


Tenaciousbt said...
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Tenaciousbt said...

Wow, Christine! I want you to know that it really warmed my heart when I read those great things you wrote about me. Thank you. I love this show. And I can't wait to see all of everyones hard work make it out there to the people to be enjoyed. This show is special.