Saturday, October 9, 2010

Comic Con & Anime Fest 2010

Pigtail Studio at Anime Fest

Me with the Drunk Duck guys

 Cetriya at her post (I don't know if she minds me putting this pic up) XD

Went to comic con/Anime Fest today (for about 3 hours because I had to finish up a commission and went late) , mostly for sentimental reasons, to see how my friends are doing there and check out the first combine of the two cons.
I met some people I didn't expect to meet, and spent over 100,
with 60% going to the ticket and traveling cost. *ouch*
Bye bye to the money I just made.... ;_; 
There are so many people it irritates me so much. X.X
Especially when i  get stuck when i tried to find someone...
People I visited are:
Pigtail studio
and suzuran whom I never found.... T_T
 I met and talked with David White and got his art book on mecha for a special offer. Thank you David. :D
Found out a few neato sites to check:

It's still nice to be part of the hot event of the year.

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