Saturday, September 4, 2010

Country design checklist-form

(with Mayshing's edit)
A form you are free to use, i am just doing it for myself in order to make countries quickly.


Colors: (An example would be red, white, and blue)

Symbol: (An example would be stars and stripes.)


Races: (The races that inhabit the area, whether or not they’re native.)

Physical: (The ethnic description of your race: skin color, hair color, builds, dress)
      Beauty/fashion sense:

Weather patterns: (Tropical? Stormy? Cold? Earthquakes? Climate in general?)
 -how the weather influence inhabitants behavior, travel

         Major river and lakes?
         Any construction around water source?

Agriculture/livestock: (main food source and crops)

____Feudal system
____caste system

         Who's the leader: (leader personality/goal for life)

          Who's the cabinet? (their relationship with the leader)

           Who's the next leader? (personality profile and idealism)

          Government range of impact: strong or weak? What are the loop holes?

          What are the loop holes where the government power can not reach?

Capital City:

    Capital City's main strength and location:

    Sub-city to the capital city and it's relation:

    Villages/towns/area surrounding the capital city:

    Water system: (how the country deal with water and share water resources)
            Who's in charge? From where? 

    Map of the city:(how it's planned, is the city map rigid clean or natural and organic?)

List of Major Cities: (I do this to get a feel for the areas the characters will be visiting.)

Religion: (Monotheism? Pantheism? Atheism?) - power of religion and it's major function


         Currency, and it's relation to other countries:

        Range of  economy power in relation to other countries:

        Main export:

       Main imports:

       Labor statistic: (source of labor, age statistics, birth rate/ death rate)

       Labor law: (where is it fair or unfair)



Quote: (What someone from this area would talk like, or talk about.)

History/Legends/Folklore: (and any god or deity)

Mannerisms: (The likely way someone behaves if they’re from this place. Because believe me, a fur-wrapped barbarian behaves in a very different way than a Greek statesman.)

       Shared Belief system/value:
       The rebel's value/belief system/expression:

      Shared symbolism of speech:

Magic/Cult: (How it is treated by the country. Whether hated and feared, harnessed for industry, or nonexistent within it’s borders, if magic has a presence in your story you ought to look at how it affects the larger picture than just your heroes and their journey.)

           What's the definition of magic?

Industrial development stage: stone, bronze, iron, steel or high tech?


Cuisine: (What do people from this country eat every day? On festival days? As delicacies? Taboo?)

Leisure: (What do people here do in their spare time? For fun?)

         activities around the competition?
         Relax activities-

Transport: (How do people move things? Armies? Crowds? Goods? Animals?)


Strength of the military:

Weapons selection:

Weapon costs in relation to another:

Greetings: (What is considered an acceptable greeting? In formal setting? Among friends? Family?)

Customs: (The habits of a people that make them unique. Google it if you’re confused.)


Superstitions: (Knowing the power irrational explanations have over a populace can sometimes be good story material.)

Rituals: (Birth? Coming-of-age? Marriage? Death? Justice?)

Festivals: (What do people celebrate? What are considered holidays? Why?)


               Activities during celebration:
               Problems during celebration:

Education: (How are children taught? Skilled workers, like architects or brewers? Is there public education? Higher education?)

     Cost of education:

     Provider: (is it family or government or third party)

 Media/ voice: Roles of media, news, musicians, artisans and how they are controlled.
   Any competitive media? Who are they?

Welcome to the end. I think my head is about to grow 2 times bigger now after thinking about all the categories.

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