Monday, August 30, 2010

Last day blast

Left to right: me, Jonathan Nixon, Rachel Hsu

I don't think I would be in another festival just as warm, family like for a while~~~
Jon Nixon, who's workshop i had the opportunity to attend was a great teacher, 
shared selflessly many tips and knowledge on camera, sound, and lights. 

And it was great hearing complaints about distribution with 
Walmart/Barns and Nobles from their publisher people. 
(I shall update this entry with more tips I heard later after I look through my notes)

It helps me to see the direction I am going is quite fitting for my grass roots production.
It would be nice to know where the bridge is between the large and the small people distribution though.

And to make it even better, the festival judges decided to award me with "Best animated film award" 
The award itself gave me a lot of leverage to take pictures with the professionals in the field. lol

I had the privilege to sit next to Vicky Sigworth who was the "Best feature Documentary" award winner, she is such a sweet spirited lady.  And her film "More than Walking" is a story of inspiration itself.
 I will update when all of our films get onto the festivals' site.
Scott Riehs who is a documentary film maker:

I do feel the festival had a lot of focus on the workshops, more so than the screening, I did not get to see my own film screened (nor did I want to as a matter of fact, Rachel almost had to drag me there) but the reaction of the people who saw it was encouraging to me.

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