Monday, August 23, 2010

2Masters updated

On the Wrong trend of thought, this could be the MOST cheeseee plot EVER. 

But on the author's note, it's a recollection of dream and memory. Sometimes when you try to remember someone from a distance, you can't even recall their face. That's how I am with my grandfather. 

All I remember is an old man with glasses, sitting there in front of TV, and I could not remember his face. 
It happens that my father's never kept any pictures of him so i don't remember it at all.

And funny thing is... i remember my mom changing my diapers when i was a baby, but i don't remember her face. Memory is a funny thing. You think you would remember faces, but when time passes, one doesn't always recall them.

And the high expectation of those you love, or around you, and when you feel you are not living upto that, that pressure is personal.

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Eric said...

I get what you mean about the cheesy potential, but this totally is fitting and moving in the right way... and you're so right about faces and memory. Sometimes it just gets blurry.