Saturday, June 19, 2010

Entertainment biz is a hot date

Coming back from Robotech's marketer's Kevin McKeever "independent film panel" today from Animenext,
 I have a new found understanding about film/entertainment industry.

"This industry is built on the word, NO." - Kevin McKeever

"It's an industry everyone wants to get into, but not a lot of slots are open."

In another word,
Going into animation/film/entertainment biz is like dating a hot girl.

It's a sexy biz. Everyone wants that hot-chick, you have a lot of competition, and the girl saying "No" to you.
You have to relentlessly go after her, empty your wallet and try to get that date.

With no guarantee she will ever fall in low with you, but if she did, that's your dream come true.


Animenext finally got its first power-guest this year, (congrat to animenext) the director of Ghost in the shell, but i didn't bother to go see that guy. I always hated the crazy fan crowds.

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