Thursday, June 10, 2010

My summer...

Mine... so far pretty insane, booked, as usual. I knew it would come to this. u.u I am not even preparing anything for con this year except a panel i guess. (which i still haven't prepared for. lol)

Sketching for Winged One until page 70, start inking it, retouching some older pages to bring up quality

Need to read 2-3 books, Story by Robert Mckee, the bible of writers.

Out of Salt Shaker- mission trip requirement

360 degree leader work book- mission trip requirement and personal interest

June 11-12- a church retreat.

June 13, a graduation party for me so i better be there. X3
convention of Animenext June 18-20th
I am leaving country on June 23rd...

Hopefully I get to talk with a few important business people in Shanghai when I get there.
(gotta prepare E-depth for continuous update too during that time)

After returning in August 1st, take some rest, turn back time zone, continue Winged One, start a real job hunting. @_@b
Finish kickstarter fund rising project then.

Continue E-depth production, first publish the books in fall, then get back to Anime storyboard and bring it into completion by Jan 2011. (hopefully, if that didn't fly... probably finish the storyboard before Summer 2011 will be cool, then start animating and recruiting animators.)

That's my summer for now. Tongue