Thursday, May 27, 2010

Time is money

Time is money....

Money is a tool of trade, anything can be money, it just happens our money is paper and stones.

Money is nothing without the people trading them.

Without money, the trading market would be chaotic, money is a convenient tool.

Time too... is money, it's money you can't buy, the last thing to waste in life.

Those who donated time to me, have donated some of the most precious thing they have in life too.

Just flowing thoughts...

I have become a firm believer in putting money into something and someone i believe in... and i look at others devotions about the same now.

I have heard of stories where a beggar can save money his whole life to build a school, a poor teacher can build a hospital...

Then it is all the more reason for me, and others who wants to start something, or their own studio... to learn to work for money, and put the money where the mouth is.
There are people who are in the higher end of the money business that can take advantage of the lower end people, like the people who has the upstream of the river controls the people's water supply on the low stream. I have to work through that.

Getting someone spend on you their hard earn dollars, and time,
I think, its the true test of how much they can believe in you, your product, and relationship.

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