Wednesday, May 5, 2010

my thesis version 1

Version 1... for now.

I want to add to it.

I still hate myself for recording the reaction in the theater then deleting it while i was half drunk. I prepared for that!!! I prepared for that!!!! DANG IT!!! I will never get it back again!!!!!! My first screening in the theater!!!! T_T I am so mad at myself.

Anyways.... what's passed is passed.

I am not thrilled with my work anymore anyway, but i still love it, right now i am just too tired. 2 days screening straight.

Again, thank you SHELLY for letting me stay over at your place. If it wasn't for your kindness I would have to hang out there in a cafe/pub until 4 am in the morning. XD

Then a bunch of other things, too much screenings, too much city.

i want to curl up in bed, shut myself in my room for 2-3 days, and not care about anything in the world.

To be honest, I feel like shit right now, from the tireness, and from the critiques I have been getting on its imperfections. And needles gets me more than honey at this point, as much as i want to treasure the good comments, the praise, and knowing there's no perfect film.

I know it's good, I know I can improve, and I can't say "I am done and I don't care anymore."

I want it to be better, what sucks is that... I thought I could feel better than how I felt after my second year and third year screening, but it turned out I felt the same, like crap. Not very satisfying.

With all said and done, i still enjoyed the time at the screening, us friends congratulating each other, and so on so forth.

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Zyublack said...

Just WOW!! It looks really good, my only crit is that the volume is a little low. But that's probably a Youtube thing. Overall tho, it's an amazing piece of work